The Instituto Cultural Mexicano de Tucson (ICMT) or The Mexican Cultural Institute of Tucson is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Arizona.  It is formed by a group of volunteers, whose only goal is to grow, strengthen, propagate and promote our rich and vast Mexican culture, traditions and social life, from their inception to our modern times.  We reach this goal by creating cultural events and/or participating with other well-established community groups dedicated to advance the diverse and extensive cultures present in the Tucson cultural life. 

Another very important goal pursued by ICMT is to advance and support the interrelation between USA and Mexico, and more particularly between Arizona and Sonora.  This is accomplished mainly through varied activities in culture, artistry, education, health, business, sports and government, always having in mind to promote a better quality of life to the members of all societies we are able to reach and touch. 

Civic and Social Activities 

To memorialize, participate, propagate and promote all our civic celebrations, by organizing social events and through media to promote these activities on both sides of the USA-Mexico border, so that our traditions are preserved and never forgotten. 


To partner with professionals in the community and to invite them to give conferences in different schools, to persuade students never to drop out from school and help them pursue higher educational goals like a college degree to provide advice to these students and give them support.  To better prepare them so that they will have better economic opportunities in the future and learn the English language to be able to live a better life and participate with the English-speaking community, making sure that they also master the Spanish language and become truly bilingual.  To look for opportunities to have international educational exchanges with schools of the same or higher level located in Mexico. 


To promote after-school sports and weekend sports so that our youth stay away from wrong decisions, and help them grow and develop a healthy life.  Our suggestion would be to organize sports leagues and tournaments in different sport disciplines, local, regional and international. 


To partner with local medical groups and to promote and organize conferences geared towards general health and to disseminate information through media of the most important health topics not only to our fellow Mexican citizens but to every interested member of our community.  To organize open forums of discussion of health issues and to take all this information to schools by delivering written materials and/or having open discussions with students and teachers. 


To help promote, increase and create new business opportunities on both sides of the USA-Mexico border, and, at the same time, provide support and promote businesses already in existence. 

In Closing

The ICMT will try its best to offer most of the events and activities free of charge and open to every member of our diverse community.  Our goal is not to profit from these events and activities, but rather to enhance and elevate our minds, spirit and knowledge as human beings through these civic, social, artistic and cultural events. 

To be able to reach our goals, it is imperative that we are able to raise economic funds as well as the participation of volunteers and visionaries in our community.  As mentioned before, we are a non-profit corporation (Federal ID 86-0780322 and State ID 12830570), which allows us to extend tax-deductible receipts to our donors/contributors. 

Therefore, we extend our invitation to the community as a whole to participate with the ICMT activities and see our organization grow stronger, to reach our goals with the help of your economic support so that we can help the needs of our community. 

The ICMT is not a political group nor does it have any kind of political affiliation.  However, we are always ready to participate in different activities with authorities on both sides of the border, as long as these activities do not involve political or controversial issues.